The World of My Zombie Pin-up

Hand crafting zombie pin-ups | A bad joke taken to the limits 4191650680_27d4fc96d4_b

My Zombie pin-up is the brain child of the artistic duo Robyn Malter & Shalaco Sching. A bi-product of the photographer’s sick sense of humor and ability to know how to run too far with a bad joke.


Photoshop’s for wimps

Instead of wimping out by using photoshop Lead Special Effects Artist Nick Katich was brought in to give the pin-ups their dead sexy appeal. Zombification typically took 3-4 hours, while more involved shots that required prosthetic{like the peacock shot} took multiple days to cast and handcraft the molds.


“We asked ourselves, ‘what would a classic Gil Elvgren pin-up look like if say, the Zombie Apocolypse had happened retroactively in 1949?’ We researched both genre’s and then assembled a cuthroat mod squad of san francisco artists to help us achieve our creative vision.”


“Like Vargas girls who’ve had a nasty run-in with the clan from 28 Days Later” –NBC

“…it’s probably going to turn you into a serial killer.” -FHM

A tribute to classic pinup calendars with an undead twist. -Laughing Squid


美 ‘섹시+잔인’ 콘셉트 엽기 달력 화제 -Sports Seoul


“…a local enterprise, with hot local babes, and totally indie — feel the cold, cold love of the My Zombie Pinup Calendar -VioletBlue