The Inspiration Behind My Zombie Pin-up

My Zombie Pin-up is Gil Elvgren Meets ‘Night of the Living Dead’

When we decided to make a zombie pin-up calendar, I must admit we had drank quite a bit of tequila by this point, we researched both genres to discover what defined both. We sat down and asked ourselves…”What makes a Pin-up a Pin-up?” & “What’s makes a zombie?” aside from being bitten by another zombie, of course.

We binged on pin-up books and zombie movies until our persons were sick.

A Near Miss! Dead Sexy Vintage Pin-up. © To Die For | © Gil Elvgren

The term pin-up is very commonly used and has come to mean a lot of things over time. The most liberal usage simply meaning any sort of dame from a magazine that you might fancy pinning to your wall. However, it is the more traditional pin-up that we have come to love. It was at Green Apple Books that I came across the works of Gil Elvgren. He defined the look of the classic pin-up. A sexy woman with amazing retro clothing and hair, {Victory Rolls, Flips, Updo’s and the like} and of course the staple of Elvgren’s work a garment malfunction capturing an ‘oh whoopsies!’ moment.


Dying to go for a swim © To Die For | © Gil Elvgrin